Saturday, June 30, 2007

Think of it as a vacation...

I've unwittingly taken the month of June off from writing in general. Sure, I've posted the occasional blog, even written a bit in a "writing journal" aimed at my first novel's sequel, but I haven't done any "book writing." I'd like to think that perhaps this was on purpose ... except I know that isn't true. Just like with my exercise routine I have let other things (more frequently less-important things than not) take precedence over what I think I should be doing. And while, in the grand scheme of things, I haven't "lost" that much time it surely feels like I have a lot of catching up to do.

Sometimes I wonder where all my time does go and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to calculate the number of books I've read or clock the hours of PS2 I've been playing. In all seriousness, it is a hindrance that I'm not organized enough to be able to account for how my free time was spent in the month of June. If I had to venture a guess I'd say the vast majority of the time I was reading. Not the productive type of reading that I do while on the exercise bike at the gym, though. No, it was the "I'm waking up at 6am so that I can stay in bed and read for 3 hours before going to work" kind of reading. Relaxing? Yes, and maybe even a bit necessary to some extent with all of the job stress I've been feeling, but doing it four out of the five weekdays (and who knows how much on the weekends) just seems excessive.

I thought things would get easier as the weather got warmer but I feel like the month has passed me by with little to show for it. So perhaps I can think of June as the month my writing-brain took a vacation and allowed me to just enjoy life for a bit. July, I'm hoping, will be very different.


  1. People usually think of writers as people who can sit 6 hours a day in front of a typewriter (okay, computer will do) and write non-stop.

    In fact, most writers experience times where they just can't produce anything. Inspiration for writing good pieces come from life experiences, places travelled, daily life etc. So gotta store up before writing !

    I was actually surprised to see you were a writer. From our little "argument" on Princesse's blog, I would have though you had a political blog or similar. Quite a good surprise though, cause I like the way you play with words.

    I noticed you have three blogs : how does it work ? Which one is which ? Just curious...;)

  2. 6 hours at a time at the keyboard (in whatever form) is a tough feat but one I will someday have to perform if I ever want to write books as more than just a dream. Inspiration is scarce (at best) unless you're writing a sequel (which I, currently, am, so thank God for that).

    I don't necessarily consider myself "political"; I'm just really opinionated and I've had a fairly diverse group of friends in the past year to educate me on the things I had no idea about while I was living in Utah.

    Here's the explanation of the 3 blogs:
    Initial Draft- My blog on writing. Sometimes I write short works that are associated with the Daily Dime writing challenge, other times I just write tips or nonsense having to do with writing.
    Opinionated Spiritual Commentary- A conglomeration of thoughts, feelings, speculation, and whatnot having to do with religion as I find it. I have a lot of questions, not many answers.
    Exes for Eyes- A story that I started just as practice. I didn't think it was going anywhere so I considered completely starting a new thread so it's kind of in stasis right now.

    I actually thought about starting a 4th blog about my adventures in exercise but I haven't quite got there yet.

  3. awww it makes me so happy to see you two getting on! :-p

    anyway mister Newton, come get your blogging award from my blog!

  4. Thanks for the explanation about your blog ! I read quite a lot from Exes for Eyes and I like the way you qrite. You're obviously very confortable with words and I like your punctuation.

    Okay, I know it's weird to say that : I like your punctuation. It's just that in French, punctuation is very important - sentences tend to be longer and more complex than in English, were people are more direct. So the way you write reminds me of the way French write. Which is quite nice actually.

  5. I hope to pick back up on Exes for Eyes fairly soon. I'm not sure if I'm going to start a new story or struggle with the one I've started (I have quite a reputation for starting stories and not finishing them after a handful of chapters... hence why my first completed novel is such a miracle). I appreciate you and Princesse reading it.

    It is kind of odd to like someone's punctuation. I tend to be very long-winded (it's the writer in me) so I guess it's good to know that at least part of it is being well-received.

    I may post a new entry on this one now just to state that I'm proud to write "like the French."


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