Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I was sick all weekend and not once did I feel like writing. Even being stuck at home and in bed doesn't really inspire the proper motivation. I hate being sick, though I don't know anyone who would say they enjoy it. It tends to put everything else in your life on hold and speed up the normally routine trips to the restroom.

So what is going on in the story that we can review at this point? Are we achieving the goals we set out to achieve for these characters or do they seem further entrenched in circumstance?

The urge to edit as I go is sometimes overwhelming. Though it may positively affect my word count (from time to time) it really does not help things progress.

Two forces are always at war in my head as I'm writing a chapter:
  • What details have I left out?
  • Am I revealing too much via exposition?
It is so hard to convince myself that there is no "right" way of doing this when others seem to have it pretty well in hand. I really don't care how other people write novels but it is damn hard to figure out how to write mine. Writing a novel is a marriage of creativity and hard work; like all marriages there are fights and disagreements and only perseverance can overcome them.

I'm fairly proud that giving up has never entered my mind as an option. Frankly, there's just no reason to give up. Writing a novel is only as difficult as I make and since it is at my own pace there really isn't anything to stress about. I suppose if I had a deadline things would be slightly different but as I continue to track my progress it becomes more and more evident that I can do this.

Writing a novel is not impossible.

Writing a best-seller may be difficult but, let's be honest, it takes practice to make a masterpiece. I don't want to do this for fame or fortune - really, I don't - but because it is the ultimate method of creativity. It's heaven for someone like me. I want to think I was born to write.


  1. I think that post says it all really. I think that post shows you were clearly born to write.

    Sorry you were sick, I didn't know. Hope you're all better now!

  2. I sure hope so. We'll see if/when I get a response back from my latest query to a publisher.

    And yes, things are back to normal in the health department. Thanks!


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