Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nothing nice to say

I've been out of the scene. Haven't been following blogs, haven't been reading articles, haven't really been reading. Still.

On a technicality, of the editing kind, I can barely say I've been writing... though it shouldn't really count in light of the fact that I just haven't felt strongly about it really all year.

A lot of things continue to bother me, and it's not just my run-of-the-mill motivational struggles. Honestly, it's facing down the lack of interest that I'm finding insurmountable at the moment. People not wanting to read what I write makes me want to give up. I know that sounds petty, whiny, and immature, but there you have it. I don't want to produce if there is no consumption. "Writing for myself" is something I could do without being passionate or serious, without calling myself an author.

Personal turmoil aside, I think this hiatus is going to last a bit longer, however I will finish editing Scions of the Shade and either self-publish or give a half-hearted attempt to querying it--possibly just to pass the time. The problem is that it doesn't help if I recede further rather than try harder, but there's no convincing evidence that either course of action will bring back the passion I used to feel when I believed in this.

So that's where I am right now. Someone else has been blogging, which spurred me to post something of my own (however inane or whiny it might be). No big insights here at the moment. Wagons still circled, but luckily we're not running out of food. How's that for mixing metaphors.

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  1. Sounds like you've entered a season of doubt drought. I'd say it happens to the best of us, but since I'm about average and understand your frustrations, I'd have to say something more along the lines of "Welcome to the club". We have white wine, red wine and my fave is the plum wine.

    Seriously though, doubts happen and shouldn't be played down. But whatever you choose to do, may it be done with all you've got left so you can know you've given your all :-)

  2. Yeeeeep, and everything I wrote here is still 100% true.


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